Boss - Ducktales Remastered Music Extended30:00

Boss - Ducktales Remastered Music Extended

His theme


Future Boot-leg Starfruit

 Future Boot-leg Starfruit is one of EPICMAN7556's characters. He has change quite a bit in the future. As his name said, he is Boot-leg Starfruit from the future. His best friend is Dr. Zomboss, and also acts like him, but strangly hates his past self. He is also an inventor, like Zomboss, and can change zombies and Zombie Mechs into Starfruit Zombies/Mechs with his 4000 watt laser pack.

Gallery of Starfruited Zombies items

Feel free to add in your own Starfruit-related zombies/mechs.


  • Due to him acting like Zomboss, talking like Zomboss, and even time traveling like Zomboss, Future Boot-leg Starfruit must think of Zomboss as an idol to him.

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