Future Zombie
Background information
First Appearance "A Plot "Twist""
Latest Appearance "Evil Villains, Unite!"
Voice "Mathematical nerdy voice, less of moaning."
Character information
Full name  ???
Other names Henchman Zombie, B.R.A.I.N.S
Appearance Regular future jumpsuit zombie.
Age  ???
Occupation Evil Henchman, Mechanic, Genius
Home Far Future
Relatives  ???
Allies Other Future Zombies, Basic Zombie, Dr. Zomboss
Minions Technically, the other Basic Zombies.
Enemies The plants, Crazy Dave, not getting brains, other Future Zombies
Likes Brain Pi, Machines, Jetpack, Brains, Laser Guns
Dislikes Plants (Mostly E.M.Peach), Crazy Dave
Powers and abilities (Almost) High smartness, moaning
Quote "Brainz Pi is the value of..."
Birthday  ???


An extremely smart zombie from the Far Future. Unlike all the other "dumb ones", as he calls them, Future Zombie has a degree in Brain Pi, and knows about Thanatology (The study of deaths).


  • Henchman Zombie (A "secret" code by Zomboss.)
  • B.R.A.I.N.S (Another secret code by Zomboss. Nobody knows what it stands for.)



Zombie: He has a very slight friendship with the other Basic Zombies, but he hates them overall.

Dr. Zomboss: His leader.

Future Snorkel: Both, from the future!

The members of Brainz Mafia


Jet: Is still on friendly terms, but is overally angry about how he sided with the plants.

Mangle: He knew him when he was a normal zombie.  


The plants: What else shall I say here?

Healixflower: He hates that she is as intelligent as he is, as he thinks that plants are overall...STOOPID. He always tries to make inventions that are better than hers.

Futurita: A futuristic plant?! (Darth Vader voice) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!


Future Zombie is a regular smart zombie from the Far Future. He was once friends with Jet, making all the fancy stuff in the future. However, Future Zombie kept competing against others, which was what Jet didn't want to do.

Future Zombie then developed his hatred against Crystal, and when Jet escaped to the plants, and made friends with most of his enemies. Now, Future Zombie swears revenge on Jet and all the plants, while still making more and more deadly and dangerous robotics.


Future Zombie has invented tons of things for the future world. Some of them are...

  • Jetpack Models 2033, 2060, 2078, 2087 (Newest one)
  • Shoddy Laser Gun Z-2
  • Zombot Drone V4.102
  • Robo-cone Mech
  • Mecha-Football Robot
  • Bug Bot Imp V.1
  • Shield Zombie's Forcefield
  • Disco-tron 3000

RP Stats

HP: 45

Level: 1

Attack 1: Laser Beam-ornazors (Grabs a laser gun and fires a burst of lasers at the opponent, dealing 3x3 damage.

Attack 2: Boring Formula (Begins calculating how much is Brain Pi added by some numbers, and bores opponents that listen to it so much that they get angry at him, causing them to deal and take 20% more damage.

Defense: Jetpack Activation (Flies with a jetpack high into a sky, making him immune to any attacks that cannot fire into the air for 3 turns.)

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