Galaxy the Chomper
His teeth are made of candy.



Full name

Galaxian Chompus


Planets, Tacos, Carl's Jr


Zombies, Boot Legs, Dr. Zomboss, and McDonalds

Favorite food

Burgers and Aliens

Anyone up for a blast? Or a Carl's Jr Burger....mmmmm......
— Galaxy

He is the brother of Space. He is the smartest Chomper in the whole universe. You can usually find him with Nigel, Uranium, and Lucy when they are defending the gardens. Other then that, he usually stays near home, goes to Carl's Jr, or travels into space.


  • The reason why he hates McDonald's is because they don't get his order right, the burgers are way too small, and the chicken nuggets aren't cooked well enough. It made an everyday plant sick. D:
  • The reason why he likes Carl's Jr is because the burgers are big enough to stuff him and they always get his order right. It is also a delicious meal.
    • He doesn't go to any other burger places other then Carl's Jr.

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