Ghost Pepper
Basic Information Ghost Pepper is a lesbian plant. She is fairly strong and semi-married to PuffyMuffins.
Likes Loves females, in all ways.
Dislikes Men, in most ways.
Gender Female
Race Lesbian Plants
Health 8,500 (Revived 25 seconds after Death)
Damage 15 (Normal Damage Shot)
Defense Extremely High
Main Attack Haunt (15 - 25 Damage)
Secondary Attack Scare (20 - 30 Damage)
Other Information
Home Bloodstone Mansion
Faction Unknown
Nicknames Ghost Pepper, GP.
Highschool Pine Tree High
Where's your Vacuum now huh? Hehehe...
— Ghost Pepper

Ghost Pepper is owned by PuffyMuffins.


Ghost Pepper is a lesbian plant, who is normally a very sexual or kind plant.

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