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Golden Marigold is a character owned by SCI.


Golden Marigold is nice, even though she looks creepy. She loves her sisters and wants to protect them from being hit by anyone. Although her younger siblings dislike her giving money away, she does it to be friendly. Don't judge a book by it's cover, or else you'll judge Super Mari by her looks. And no, she is not an alien.


  • Money
  • Making it rain (no, not what you think)
  • Minerals
  • Minting coins
  • Making anything mint-condition
  • Anything with the letter M.


Love Related:

  • Four-Leaf Blover, Love Interest, Golden Marigold has people refraining her by her looks, but Four-Leaf Blover doesn't judge... because he's in the same boat as her.


  • Ice Crystal Shooter, ICS doesn't like it when people pick on Golden Marigold.
  • Fan Blover, Fan Blover is also creepy but friendly.
  • Desert Death Zombie, Desert Death Zombie has carved a gold statue in Ancient Egypt for the sad Golden Marigold.

Neutral: No one is Neutral, they're most likely her enemy or haven't met her.

Enemies: Many people dislike her and make fun of her because of her appearance.


  • Daisy, Younger Sister
  • Marigold, Younger Sister


  • Golden Marigold is 15.
  • Golden Marigold is a part of the Marigolds Organization Club, which is run by Rainbowgold.

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