GreenAura GreatSword

The GreenAura Greatsword is one of the best melee weapon available. It's made from GreenAura, and is insanely powerful.

You can buy it from the Cattail Empress, and it cost 100 000 money ! You need to be at least level 5 to use it.


This sword deals a whopping 500 damage to ennemies, and burn them with green fire, dealing 125 damage each turn for 5 turns !

Also, the extra blades are burning, so they improve the damage of the sword.


  • Evil characters cannot use this sword, and if they do, they will get the green fire effect.
  • It's EXTREMELY heavy, meaning only the strongest characters can use it.
  • The Cattail Empress have got a stock of this sword, but she doesn't use it, as she sucks at fighting with swords.

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