Green Shadow


A heroine Peashooter wearing a cape


Neon Park (Though she isn't the party type)


Persicion Blast, which it deals damage to the middle


Super Brainz and those tissues (for some reason)

Hum! Do you know what direction I focus the most?
Green Shadow facing someone
 Green Shadow is a hero(ine) plant owned by Fairy27. She appears as the main character in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.


Green Shadow is a Peashooter hero(ine). She wears a mask and a cape.


Green Shadow is a well-going character. She just does her heroic acts like usual, after being shot by a some-sort-of laser somewhere as a mere Peashooter. She likes to hum. She likes the middle part of anything. When she decides not to do heroic stuff, she will always wear off her mask and cape, and acts like other normal peashooters. Sometimes she replaces the letter B with P.


Green Shadow was a weak Peashooter that was useless. In fact, she keeps being bullied, until a random laser struck her, transforming to her current heroic form. She has some pea friends in high school, but at times she is a hero to them.


Green Shadow's ability is the Percision Blast, which deals 80 damage only at the middle, never on the left or the right side. Not even diagonally.

Sometimes she calls this ability "Percision Plast".

Plant Food

When fed by Plant Food, Green Shadow shoots 3 weaker Percision Blasts in any lane. The weaker blasts deal 40 damage. Overall, it will deal 120 damage.


Green Shadow leads the certain plants - regular Peashooters, Repeaters, Pea Pods, Threepeaters, and her main ally, Skyshooter. She can ally with Rose, both are Smarty leaders.

Boot-leg Counterpart

Green Shadow has a Boot-leg Counterpart, called the Boot-leg Green Shadow. They are more likely arch-enemies.

Appears in these RPs:


  • Green Shadow's true name is Penelopea.


  • "Be gone with my Percision Plast!"
  • "Hum-hum-hum~"


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