Guacodile is a plant owned by SPE.


Guacodile was often made fun of and ignored when he was a kid, and he felt like trash. So, he often seeks for attention, though this is NOT a complete pastime for Guacodile, doing it like 4-7 times every week. He lives a normal student life, and calms people down often.


  • Reading
  • Lights
  • Attention
  • Calmness



  • Ice Crystal Shooter, Always talks to Guacodile.
  • Homing Thistle, Often in the same situation as Guacodile.
  • Pear, Was once saved by Guacodile.

Neutral: TBA.


  • Jalapeno, Thinks Guacodile is an attention whore. Also had a bad history when they were younger.
  • Small Radish, Same as Jalapeno.
  • Electro Bulb, Same as Jalapeno.
  • White Radish, Was once injured horribly by an ancient weapon belonging to the Radishes in one of Guacodile's attention-giving plots.


  • Guacodile is a Bassoon player.

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