Habanero is a PvZCC of mine. He is furious no matter what and likes plants nor zombies.


Habanero, PvzFanatic's PvZCC.

Him Vs. Zombies

He costs 125 sun to plant. You tap him to release his fiery breath. The fire hits all tiles in the row ahead and they do damage and afterburn. He feels no mercy.

Him Vs. Plants

He's relentlessly unleash his breath of death on his fellow plants, too.


As it says in his CC almanac entry, he is only happy when he's angry (His Almanac: Habanero is a paradox. He's only happy when he's angry. He wouldn't talk to you about it, though. He's too busy switching emotions.). He talks now, though. He has decided that he is always angry. Upon seeing bullying, he he will set fire to the bully and the victim. 

Family & Friends

Flaming Pea is his distant cousin.


He pretends to hate Loom-shroom, although he secretly has a crush on her.

He hates Cabbage-pult.

He really, really, REALLY hates Phamango (he thinks she's self-absorbed)



"Yes...fell my wrath..."