He's owned by me.|


Happy zombie is happy, without knowing why. (Answer: Jack in the box-zombie (aka Jack zombie) was a human before. He worked as a clown and used a creepy happy-mask. So when he became a zombie, he took on the mask too the Happy zombie too, wich acctuly just was a normal zombie.)


He is in fact blind. He tottaly can't see anything. He reviced glass eyes as a human, though. That's why he don't have many friends. He is so fast at the lawn, so instant kills can't get him easily. He also like the troll face wich he saw just before he got blind.


Friends Dr. Zomboss- He helps him a lot. Basic zombie- No one knows how and why. They're just good friends Family All the zombies Emenies Evryone without those on the friend list.

What he do

As he's blind, he goes in random directions, but he does it fast. Habreno is the only instant kill that is smart to use. Plant with splash damage may be the smartest stradegy.





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