Hazelnut Ball is a plant owned by SCI.


Hazelnut Ball is very tech-savvy and has the latest everything. He loves helping things, but only if they will turn out to be "modernized". He may not get simple things, but is smart and does not know it himself. Hazelnut Ball also loves to announce things, and is very bubbly about it.


  • Technology
  • Bouncing things
  • Rolling around
  • Hitting people with his planks
  • Wood



  • Coconut Sharpshooter, Fellow member of TYD. Also, a big friend to HB.
  • Small Radish, Same as Coconut Sharpshooter.
  • Freesiabee, Same as Small Radish.
  • Iyokan, Appreciates his smartness.


  • Power Lily, HB doesn't like PL's two-faced attitude, but puts up with it.


  • Repeater, Repeater always makes jokes about HB being a "ball".


  • Hazelnut Ball wears planks under his body.
    • It is unknown why.
  • Hazelnut Ball can bounce, being a ball.
    • This can only be done when his planks are removed.
  • Hazelnut Ball is 9.
  • Hazelnut Ball is a Euphonium player.

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