Heists are a roleplay. It is only playable when WinterMagnet is in chat. In Season I, they will raid a tiny town.

Season I

Area 51

The plan was to ride an army plane arriving for cargo. They will get in the plane, hide themselves with blankets, as if they were crates and jump off once the army plane is near Area 51. This was a long chapter, so it was divided into part two.

Characters (Part I)

Characters (Part II)

Big Big Caz-ino

Based off this, the plans were very similar, except that FBI trucks and bikes were used instead of regular copbikes. The casino also was smaller and less-guarded, but had heavy security despite that. Also, instead of just some airstrip in the desert, they used a hideout. However, the other differences in the plan were that the electricty was cut permenantly, and had to be completely re-format, and that the passcard was obtained from a robbery. Lastly, the last difference was that they needed badges.


Big Bank


Bet Dreaming Lands


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