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Enjoy roleplaying with Plants vs. Zombies Characters, Canon or Fanon!

How to get started

To get started on this wiki, try editting your userpage and tell everyone something about yourself! You can add pictures, special formatted text, and even use HTML to make it amazing and unique!

Start a blog and say "Hi" to everyone! Then, hop on chat and talk. Once you get situated, feel free to ask Adminastrators or Managers on help with making your first Character or Roleplay!

And remember, have fun!



The M.E.O.W. King





The wiki is currently most likely dead, and it is very unlikely for it to regain its lost activity once again.

REST IN PEACE, PVZRP. 2014-2016, it lived a good life

This place was very fun but unfortunately it is time to move on... I miss you guys and I hope you enjoy life. 

- DeathZombi


I'm surprised people remember this place... Good times were had by all. We've all moved to Discord, haven't we? If anyone sees this, please reply to my message wall...