"You... I hope that you do realise that I don't actually care."
— Hype Tail

Hype Tail as a female, passive agressive character.

Unlike a Cattail she has 3 tails. Each tail is capable of independant targeting at attack usage.

Each tail has a 4 metal plates on the end, covering the part that would normally release spikes on a cattail. This protects it extremely well and it's opened up when attacks are used.


Health: 550

Speed: High (10% Increase in Evade chance)

Evade: High (10% Increase in Evade chance)

Damage: Very High (15% Increase in damage dealt)

Defence: Low (Takes +5% damage)

Hype Tail is mostly damage orientated, with quite low defensive capabilities



Hype commonly is around cattails and they quite often have highly scientific discussions.


Football Zombies

She finds them to be extremely annoying and arrogant. As do most.


Spreading roots across entire lawns.


Personality and background.

She typically has a strong dislike to those who aren't her friend.

She has a tendancy to spread roots seemingly like a virus.


Whilst she has no true equipment, the extremely strong plates on the tail can make deadly stabbing weapons.


Pulse beam: A extremely fast moving projectile capable of 55 damage on contact with no splash.

Seekers: A burst of 3 seekers each capable of 20 damage quickly seek down and explode on contact with the victim.

Stun charge: A fast projectile capable of stunning or crippling living or electronic opponents. The hit does 30 damage.

Leech: An attack fairly simular to Pulse beam however it only does 40 damage. Fortunately it returns 20 health to Hype if it hits.

Hyper roots: Every rotation Hype gains 15 health. (passive)

Multiple Tails: Can use 3 attacks per turn due to having 3 individual tails. (Passive)

Fire beam: A single beam of fire, this does 35 splashless damage with a burn effect. (Burn deals 5 damage per turn for 4 turns).

Inferno Stab: Stabs the target with a heated tail. Does 35 damage with burn. (Burn deals 5 damage per turn for 4 turns).

Stab: Stabs the target normally with the tail. Does 45 damage.

Virus Shot: A virus-filled spike is fired into the target. Causes the following for 3 of the target's rotations: 10 damage per turn, -5% damage and defence, Hype gains 4 health per turn and reduces their accuraccy by 10%. Doesn't stack with the same target.

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