Background information
First Appearance
Latest Appearance
Character information
Full name Jet Malvore
Other names The harmless flyer
Age Unknown
Occupation Making sure Suburbia is safe
Home Suburbia, nearby the Taco Stand.
Allies Future Snorkel



Likes Flying in the air with his jetpack
Dislikes E.M.Peach disabling his jetpack
Powers and abilities Is a technology expert and a expert at hacking
Quote "Please! I don't want to fight!"
 "I-I-I don't want to bring war. Come on, let me join! We can be friends!" -Jet


Jet was once a basic Future Zombie, and was captured from escape. When he awoke, he found a jetpack, picked it up, and used it to escape. Ever since, he's kept the jetpack for numerous occasions. When he arrived in Suburbia, he said, "I don't want to fight! Can we just get along?" Some don't like him, but he's welcomed where he is.


Jet is known for taking a lot of equipment and making lots of technological machines like Crystal, but unlike Future Zombie, he doesn't like competing. The following things he has made are:

  • Stun Gun Z 3.5
  • Jetpack PI 5.0
  • Gargantuar Prime mechs
  • Bug Bot deployment system in the Gargantuar Prime mechs
  • Zombot Drones and Rocket Drones
  • Shield Zombie mechs
  • Half of Robo-Dusk's body
  • The Tree of Wisdom's Christmas decorations
  • Zombot Tommorrow Tron's 4 legs
  • Football Mech's pushing function
  • Mangle

His Jetpack

Jet's jetpack is different compared to standard Future Zombies. Whenever he presses a red button or two, he will turn it into either a sword, a shovel, a shield, or even a bomb. If it's a bomb and it explodes, the jetpack re-appears on his back as if nothing happened.

Neutral relationships

Future Zombie - Future Zombie is one of his friends, but he's angry that he joined the Plants. On some occasions, the two unite to make something together.

Zombie - Like Future Zombie, Zombie hates his betrayal, but otherwise gets on well.

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