Katown is a town. It's the capital of the Cat Kingdom, owned by The M.E.O.W. King, homewer, you can rp freely in the Cat Kingdom. You can also rp freely in Katown.

Not allowed : Rp that destroy the kingdom/town and do not rebuild it.

Katown possess a shield that detect evilness, and damage it.

Size and Activity

Katown is very large, being one of the largest city ever (the first one being Pollenopolis).


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A large supermarket that sells all kind of food.

Kirby's house

The house of Kirby.

Plant Kingdom Embassy

An embassy to show the good relations between the Cat Kingdom and the plant kingdom.

Exotic Matter Power Plant

One of the best way to generate electricity. This generator creates enough electricity for the whole town.


One of the best university. King Cattail graduated in it, along with many other smart plants.

The Great Meow Dam

A large hydroelectric dam used to keep water for future usage.


A large observatory built to look after potentially good planets.

Aura Tank

A large reservoir made to hold a large supply of Aura Crystals.

Army Camp

The training area for armies. One of the largest on Flusion.


Katown is more than 7000 years old, making it a very old town.

Population and Architecture

Katown have futurist architecture and very advanced technology. The main inhabitants are Cattails, but there is also many other species roaming around, such as Cats, Plants, Zombies....Feel free to add a race to the town.

The population is estimated to be around 25 000 000, and the town is the size of New-York.


Katown is defended by turrets, Oxygen Destroyers, Cattails Army, anti-evil shield and Mecha-Godzilla.



Location of Katown in the Cat Kingdom :


The M.E.O.W. King

Spring Melon


Autumn Melon




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