~Here's, KILLLER-ETTA!~ -Killer-etta scarring the zombies

Killer-etta v2
sleep tight... hehehe...



Good or evil?:



Killing things, Stabbing, Vandilizing


Happy things, Friendship, everything else that is nice, Chomperzilla


Sunlight, hugs, Blood-like drinks


Corrupted soul made flesh and bone

About her:

She's a Creepy fellah, 70% of people have nightmares of Killer-etta, the other 30% have nightmares of Peancie, what she does is, she will end the life of whoever threatens her, so you better not cross her path. Also, DO NOT Give her Blood to drink, that stuff is like 1,000,000,000,000,000 pounds of plant food going into her.


Unlike normal Meloetta, Killer-etta can beat an enemy by simply possessing its body and make it snap its own neck, then, she leaves the body and repeats the process, other attacks are, stabbing its victim to death, making them allies, etc.


  1. "I comand you to snap your neck! *neck snap* good boy/girl!." -defeating a enemy while possessing it
  2. I'd rather Die than getting hugged!!!! -Killer-etta getting hugged
  3. "you should get away from me.... trust me.... if you DONT wanna have wings on your back... *hiss*" -Killer-etta threatening someone to get away from her
  4. "oh FOR THE LOVE OF KILNKLANK!, YOUR WORST THAN PEANCIE TRYING TO HUG A GHOST!"-Killer-etta killed 5 zombies in a row


  • It is Chillpeashooter's FIRST Evil character/plant.
  • Killer-etta, Rolly-bot, Cat-flower and Peancie are so far the only Females made by Chillpeashooter.
  • Killer-etta is a pormetau on the words "Killer" and "Meloetta".
  • it is the first Character to have a Card of itself.
  • there was actually a unused pic of Killer-etta, it is the same thing as the one always shown, but looking slightly up, Blood-red eyes, and in a screaming-like mouth. as seen here: Evil_Meloetta_Roar.jpg
  • so far, Killer-etta is the only character that has a unused pic to represent the character.
  • Killer-etta and Corrupt Zombie are the only ones so far being evil.
    • However, Corrupt Zombie is neutral, but still technically evil.

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