Note: Since FPF has retired, The Zombie O.O is using Ladder Zombie until he comes back. 


MY LADDER COSTS $8.99! You shall never have it!

Ladder Zombie
Ladder Zombie uses his multi-functional ladder as a shield and climbing device.


Protected (Ladder), Normal (Zombie)


Speedy (With ladder), Normal (Without ladder)


Ladders, brains, escape devices, Dr. Zomboss, zombies


Plants, Crazy Dave, losing his ladder, losing his head.


TZ Alliance: Consists of himself, Ra Zombie, Bungee Zombie and Jester Zombie.

Tomb Raiser Zombie: Part of his pranks sometimes.

Internet Trolls: His favourite song is "Trololol".


Magnet-shroom: Constantly "steals" his ladder.

Landscaper: Always gets constipation and uses Ladder Zombie like a slave all because he has a ladder and a hammer.

Abilities and PvP Stuff


Sudden Ladder Regenerating - For some unknown reason, he can take out an unlimited amount of ladders.

Anvil Trolololz - Only works when he is in the Zomblimp. He will drop anvils onto every plant, just to annoy them.

Home Run xD - Uses ladder to hit a home run. Ya know, Ladder Zombie was once a baseball player.

Him VS Plants:

He uses his ladder to knock out plants, or he randomly drops anvils (Only when he's in Zomblimp).

Him VS Zombies:

He constantly makes an alliance with Jester Zombie, and his ladder serves mainly as a shield here, as he thinks "Jester zombie will attack by deflecting".


Now what is this bad-quality picture doing here? DUN DUN DUN