The Lite ship 032 is a simple space-ship sold at the Default Store. This has a single space for weaponry.

This ship isn't designed for use in combat but it can be used for simple scouting due to the light frame, high manuverability and fairly decent top speeds. The ship carries 2 seats and basic living areas, in total around the size of a small-ish house.

This ship lacks the space for things like bomb racks or missiles. The armour and weapons can't hold anything perticularly large.


Health*: 11500

Speed: High

Evade: High

Weight capacity: Low

Defence: Low

Size Tier: 0.4

Weapon capacity: 1 tier 1

Armour capacity: Basic, tier 1.

Passenger capacity: 2 to 3

MISC mod capacity: Basic, tier 1

Shield capacity: 1, tier 1

Price (Default Store): $450,000

*This's before applying armour.

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