Machu Peachu is a character owned by SPE.


Machu Peachu is usually unimpressed, so it takes lots of things to surprise him. However, he is often very amused and helpful. When he's angry, he's passive-aggressive and does not like resorting to violence, but he'll use it whenever. Even though he tries his best to keep people alive, he agrees that death is important.


  • Healing
  • Silence
  • Shiny items
  • Stonework
  • Geology
  • Slow, but steady pace



  • White Radish, Machu Peachu appreciates his presence and his care for others.
  • Ginseng, Machu Peachu talks with Ginseng a lot.

Neutral: Machu Peachu doesn't really have friends... or enemies... or neutrals. Enemies:

  • Devil Jalapeno, Machu Peachu dislikes him a lot.


  • Heavenly Peach, Niece
  • Saturn Peach Bomb, Nephew


  • Machu Peachu is a part of the Peaceful Peaches Club.
  • He can travel back in time with 1 other person.
  • Machu Peachu is very old, and can live longer than others.

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