Background information
First Appearance "Mangled in the dark"
Latest Appearance
Character information
Full name "That Mangle"
Other names Iron Surprise
Appearance A robotic Tomb Raiser zombie with red eyes and blue laser pods.
Age Unknown
Occupation Traveling

King/God of technology

Home Unknown
Powers and abilities Can scream in someone's face, which gives them amnesia
Quote "Please... I bring word, and.....My master is dead!"

Not to be confused with Mangle from Five Nights at Freddy's 2.

"T-this robot stuff is h-hurting me... I-I-I- *power off*" -Mangle


Similar to a few other characters, Mangle used to be a free roaming zombie with a need to have fun. He was later captured and tortured and drastically changed by Zomboss, until this was born. "I-I may look scary, b-b-but..." Mangle sobbed. "I-I only want to p-p---play with you."


  • Mangle can climb up walls
  • He can also scream in one's face, giving them amnesia
  • Mangle, when not spotted, can dash away at 50MPH


Has stopped a meteor with his head in one go

Has helped revived Jet, his 'creator'


Note: Higher they are upwards, the more Mangle likes them.

  • FNAF2 Mangle - What can I say here? Two robots. Same name, opposite gender, and similar capabilities. What now?
  • Jet - Jet is his first friend who repairs him whenever he malfunctions.
  • Airell - Airell is the first friend besides Jet, and is the first to protect him from danger. To show for it, all Mangle has to do is clutch a feather given to him.
  • Zach - Zach and Mangle became friends due to their very altered appearances and talents. Zach sometimes teaches Mangle a trick or two.
  • Crystal - "She's nice. Just like a very active Cattail." Mangle says to himself. "I don't know why I say this, but I can't understand why I like her this much."
  • Sniper - The second to help him escape his evil owner. He doesn't want to harm Mangle, instead only uses tranquillizer spikes.


Mangle is the speed of the crew and specializes in countering the enemy. Due to his huge speed, he can attack twice a turn, but this gives him a health penalty and a vulnerability increase to all attacks.

RPG Stats

  • Health: 150 (+ 15 each level)
  • Speed: 40 (20 for each attack, +3 each level)
  • Starter Weapon: Basic Megaphone
  • Attack 1: Screams at an enemy, confusing them and dealing 13 damage per hit.
  • Attack 2: Counters any attack attacked by, dealing twice the damage.
  • Attack 3: Flings an ally into the air for a buddy attack. Depending on their level, does 10 damage for each level.
  • Ultimate Attack: Dashes in and out of an enemies body, hitting them with 50 slashes, then ending with a bite. Does 300 damage, plus 50 for each level.

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