Marigold is a character owned by SCI.


Marigold is a crybaby, but she's going to let you pass. Even if she is passive, she will do at least one thing to say that you are even. But she will regret it later, even if it's stealing a pencil. She isn't usually accustomed to things meant to be humorous, but there's some laughter in there. When you do unlock her laughter, she's a happy camper. However, she is always thought to be too money-obsessed.


  • Money
  • Making it rain (no, not what you think)
  • Minerals
  • Minting coins
  • Making anything mint-condition
  • Anything with the letter M.



  • Scythe-weed, Scythe-weed is nice to Marigold because she thinks she needs a chance at proving who she really is.
  • Pear, Pear sticks up for Marigold when she is bullied.
  • Ghostfire Tree Stump, He helps her out often.


  • Droplet Shooter, DS doesn't mind her money obsession... that she doesn't even have.

Enemies: Many people dislike her for a reason, they think she is too obsessed with money.


  • Small Mari, Younger Sister
  • Super Mari, Older Sister


  • Marigold is 8.
  • Like her sisters, she is a part of the Marigolds Organization Club.

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