The Mega Rapid Cannon is a large machinegun autocannon designed for use on decent sized Cruiser spaceships and simular sized things.

The Mega Rapid Cannon has a very good rate of fire and high damage output for its class and it's popular among most.

The rounds this uses are especially good against shields.


Stealth Variant

It's a variant for stealth. It's size is about the size of a PC mouse. It makes no sounds at all when firing, and is useful during stealth raids. This version is currently disabled due to imbalancing.


Durability: 80500.

Rate of Fire: 3 per burst.

Damage: 100 (3,650,000 against shields)

Weight : High.

Weapon tier: Tier 3.

Armour capacity: Advanced, tier 3.

MISC mod capacity: Advanced, tier 3.

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