This isn't a character! It's simply a unit used by plant forces whenever it's needed.

It's encountered in the Armada Campaign.


The plants seem to be getting ideas.

The Missile Attacker is a ground-based heavily armoured missile truck that can flatten opponents with a volley of seeking missiles.

This carries a 4x10 missile battery on the top.

Speed: Slow.

Health: 800.

Damage resist: 15%

Missile fire

A terrifying barrage of 40 missiles are sprayed in the direction of the target, the built in seeking systems combined with the high explosive warheads can tear most things apart.

3 damage per missile with a large AOE.

Heavy Missile fire

2 larger missiles on each side are fired. These are vastly more powerful than the smaller variations and a improved seeking system makes it far tougher to dodge.

Each missile does 30 damage with a huge AOE.

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