Morning Glory is a plant owned by SCI.


Morning Glory is thought to be very mean, but nice inside. However, she can be very brash. She is also a very sacrificial person, willing to give anybody anything when they help her or need help. But she is also a crybaby at times, and that also unlocks her mean side.


  • Giving things
  • Learning about culture
  • Eating large portions of food in a bite
  • Water slides
  • Ceiling fans



  • Umbrella Leaf, Have been nice to each other. Tons of times.
  • Sugar Cane, Always gives Morning Glory advice.
  • Pistachio, Helps Morning Glory when she feels down.


  • Gatling Pea, She thinks he is too strict.
  • Ghostfire Tree Stump, MG often gets burned by GFTS but forgives him.


  • Guacodile, MG hates him with a passion.
  • Snow Pea, Snow Pea is oblivious to her feelings and hates her actions.


  • Morning Glory isn't much of an attacking plant, but when she does, it's painful.
  • Morning Glory is 9.
  • Morning Glory is an Oboe player.

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