The "Morphs" are a species of blob like entities that are extremely powerful.


Morphs typically have soft, goo-like bodies capable of soaking up large hits; they can be most shapes but they're most commonly a blob.

They almost have a hard-wired trait of working with one another, they don't often battle with eachother. Even when mind-controlled they'll refrain from attacking other morphs.


Almost like many insects they live in a hive. They'll expand and conquer territory if needed seemingly without hesistation.

The hives are almost like massive, crystalised fortresses that can house up to a few dozen Morphs; with a small group of much larger Morphs that will fiercely defend territory; then again, so will any Morph.


The species originated from Zombie forces needing new types of allies, they were to be able to fit in very compact spaces and to be able to absorb a massive impact. These strange new blob-like creatures were a complete success. They can absorb extreme amounts of firepower from plants as well as deal it.

Eventually these blobs were known as "Morphs" due to their extremely mould-able body.

The Morphs were made far more advance than they should've been. They wandered off in packs and started to establish their own territory. They're able to survive and reproduce extremely well without any zombie intervention. Quickly different "breeds" of these Morphs emerged.

More will be added to the page when I have somethin' to add.

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