Mr. Hueson:


Mr. Hueson
Mr hueson



Good or Evil?:



To fool around, yell, be a complete Doofus


Angry People, Plants (annoying ones), Boot-legs, people crossing the line


People saying HUEHUEHUE


An All-star Zombie that doesn't play sports (ain't that weird?)

About him:

Mr.Hueson is a "interesting" Zombie, and we use the term "interesting" lightly, because he is one heck of a Crazy one, he has white shades on, a bike racing helmet on, a Blue Cricket Ball launcher, and a spoon and Fork for a mustache, yes, you heard right, A SPOON AND A FORK AS A MUSTACHE. Well, he is one Funny guy never the less, not as Insulting and Annoying as Jadestin, but still a funny guy.


Mr.Hueson has, as mentioned Before, a Blue Cricket ball launcher, which if ya think of it, it sounds cool, he shoots out nitro color Cricket balls. He can run up to 50 miles, but just for a split second, because its a Tackle, because of this, he is vulnerable to attacks afterwards.


"HUELLO THERE DUDE!" -greeting

"HUEHUEHUEHUE"- laughing

"OH HUE NO MAN!" -angry

"huh?, whats this fo- *it falls off* NEVAH MIND!" -looking around stuff


  • Even though he NEVER says "Deh Deh Do!", he mentions it rarely.
  • He is formly called: "the Zombie version of Jadestin"
  • It is impossible for him to say a sentence without saying "HUE".
  • his Complete name is (Mister.) John F. Hueson.

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