WMag's version of Murderer, with permission.


  • NEW MAPS! List of maps:
    • King Arthur's Mansion - Protect King Zombie from the murderers. ONLY PLANTS CAN BE MURDERERS, AND MURDERERS ARE REVEALED.
    • High Mounts - A place from GTA:SA, you will have to dig up the mountain before you get murdererd! ONLY ZOMBIES CAN BE MURDERERS, AND MURDERERS ARE NOT REVEALED.
    • Terror from Tomorrow - Welcome to your 300-year's grandchild's home! Where all people love life. Science has been fully completed, yet murdering isn't a solved problem. One murderer, and you have to kill him as soon as possible!
    • Wild West - Eyy, the westa wal's all smooth. Take a house and survive the mansions! In FNaF style, just look from the window.
    • Robot Museum - A place from Mega Man VII, robots can spawn just to murder you! Survive, kids!
    • House - Hate the futuristic techno robot mountainized mansion? SIMPLE, JUST TAKE THE CLASSIC MURDERER! Classic style to whom it pleases!
    • North Pole - Protect Santa, Cowboy Conehead and Pen-nut along with the five teal auras from the murderer!
    • Cyber Galaxy - From PvZCC. Protect your home with your cyber powers, just like House but multiple murderers!
    • Costal Torcher - You're not going to run away from this logic, will you? Everyone (except Fisherman Zombie and Octo Zombie) will be the murderers, and survive! Kill Octo/Fisher to win this map
    • SOS Egypt - Protect the auras from being endangered! Get murderered by anyone!
    • Monitor Views - View using the monitor to scout what your friends are doing
    • Return state - Return a state of a specific building
    • Powerups - Simple!
      • That includes:
      • Rabbitationality (Jump so high!)
      • Speed (Run faster!)
      • Punch (Not a murderer? Punch your opponents with this!)
      • Dash (Dash to another place if you're stuck in a corner!)
  • ROLEPLAY IS IN PRIVATE MESSAGES ONLY! Everyone will have to PM the host, and then they will do their moves and what they want to do. I will view every PM.
  • ENCHANTED TOMES! - Enchant them with any enchant. Just eat the tome, and you have it. List of enchants:
    • Locksmith: Detects enchanted tomes (both)
    • Cook: Cooks any opponent in a hit (murderers only)
    • Power: Improves speed/punch powerups by 50% (players only)
    • Poison Slower: Can throw potions of poison/slowness (both)
    • Blast: Can make explosions with tome (players only)
    • Tripwire Plus: Makes tripwire longer (players only)
    • Smoke: Places smoke on the ground, blinding players. (both)
    • Net: Throw a net at opponent, paralyzing players. (murderers only)
    • Newton: Ignore gravitational force from sucking you in pits. (murderers only)
    • Infinity: Have infinite pellets (murderers only)
  • SURPRISE! Surprising attacks just for the sake of it, they include:
    • Rodeo: Thousands of Bull Riders with nets come to destroy a building (exclusive - Wild West)
    • Darude - Sandstorm: Thousands of MLG zombies come with guns and will attack both murderers and players. (any)
    • HIGH TIDE!: Survive the coastal calamity.
  • Bikes and Cars! NOW SERIOUSLY,

Map Gallery

For every map, there has to be a picture of it.




If your name is WinterMagnet, gratz u win boi


  • Everything.


The user who can start sessions, and simply. Can demote other players.

  • None - Admin


  • Ban users from RP.
  • Kick users from RP.
  • 60% chance to dodge.
  • Can unlock Cars.
  • Can play Test Lab map.
  • Can kill murderers.
  • Can use any enchant on tomes.


Users who we trust them and shall not break the Unfairness Rule

  • None - Trusted


  • Has a 50% chance to dodge.
  • Can get Punch powerup.
  • Can spawn Bikes.
  • Can enchant Locksmith, Cook, Power, Poison Slower and Blast.
  • Has ability to break glass.
  • Can turn murderer into sheep once discovered.
  • Given Speed for 10 turns at start of RP.
  • Allowed access to Wild West and Robot Museum maps.


Regular members. Add yourself if you're new. Default Rank.

  • None - Member


  • Classic Murderer Moves.
  • Has all maps except ones listed above.


Banned players. Bad them.

  • None - Banished


  • Nothing.

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