The Mystic flower is Mystic! Before she was a human princess, but she turned into a plant, so the humans don't know that she is now a Sunflower. She got adopted by me. (Sorry for the text that is going to have a line under. I'm on iPad so I have to use Beta Visual Editor. Thanks in advance for they who make it right! :))


  • Sunflower- Nice to everyone and sister.
  • All other plants that aren't on the Enemies list.


  • Sun-shroom- Hates sun, and Sunflower, but not Mystic Flower, and she wants to protect the Sunflowers.
  • Future Cactus- Cyberbullies all plants.
  • Repeater- Mean to everyone.


  • Hide
  • Charge up attacks
  • Heal
  • Play



"Do you wanna play?"

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