Noscoper Zombie
"Birch, I am zeh best."


Swaggernator, Pro Zombie, Noscope Master


TZ Alliance, Dr. Zomboss, Zombies


N00Bs, Plants, Crazy Dave

Real Name



Sniper rifles, Noscopers


Getting the worst gun in the game, N00Bs, trollers.

Noscoper Zombie is a zombie owned by TZ O.O.


Noscoper Zombie was once a zombie, but after he got struck by a future ray, he became one of the smartest zombies ever, and got the almighty skills of noscope.


  • Firing his sniper rifle, the Noscoper 3600, at any plant in his way. It is extremely powerful, and can shred almost anything.
  • Doing 360noscopes every time he enters a match, like a pro, and making noobs cry.
  • Using his swag glasses to stun others.

​The Noscoper 3600

Noscoper Zombie's favorite gun. Noscoper Zombie actually had many other sniper rifles like the Noscoper 3600, but he kept on wanting to update it. The Noscoper 3600 is charged up by some weird crystal, and fires a beam of destruction at others.

Le Strategies?

Noscoper Zombie, even with his pro and swag-ness, can be killed pretty easily when he's not focused, and when he isn't doing any no-scopes.



  • Ladder Zombie: Noscoper Zombie finds him swaggy enough, as they were both friends ever since they were resurrected.
  • Zomsled #4: 'Ey ey ey, even though he's a "nerd" based on what Noscoper Zombie says, he still finds him cool. He even knows how to play Sm4sh properly, unlike Zomsled #3.


  • Jester Zombie: He seems way too derpy for Noscoper Zombie to like.
  • Bungee Zombie: Another first friend he had, but he gets annoyed by him as he remembers every single embarrassing thing about Noscoper Zombie when he was still dumb.
  • Centurion: After being thrown off a window twice, because of jumpscaring Centurion, he doesn't really like him anymore, but as a zombie, Noscoper Zombie is still quite friendly to him.


  • Hurrikale: Even though the pun on her abilities makes her "cool", it gets on his nerves. Every. Single. Time.
  • Secret: Deflected his Noscoper 3600 beam like a b0ss, and re-killed him like as if Noscoper Zombie was some n00b. Which he hates.

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