Nut-Brain does some things in regular PVZ games.

This plant is owned by S.O.A.P. Games. You can use this plant in RP, as long as he isn't playing his role.

Nut-Brain is acutally really smart. He has 400 HP, due to being a defensive plant.

Abilities (This is W.I.P., it wouldn't be this short if I didn't have to do heaps of stuff!)


Blocks a plant from an attack, and absorbs 50% (25% if powerful) of it, as well as dispells any harmful stuff that was gonna be on it.


Throws pulp at all enemy machines, as well as boot-legs, stunning them for the next 10 messages.


Same as Block, but absorbs 12.5% of the damage and dispells all harmful effects from both itself and the plant.

Headbutt (Attack)

Damage: 25

Almost Hypnosis

Stuns an enemy zombie for 15 messages

Surplus Hypnosis

Stuns an enemy zombie for 20 messages, and another for 5 messages.


  • Nut-Brain is a defensive plant.
  • Nut-Brain doesn't talk much in roleplay.

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