Welcome to PVZRP Bank. We'll record how much money you have. If you buy something, someone has to change your total amount of money.


1. You can't make money appear out of nowhere, that excludes official salaries.

2. Salaries of $100,000 are given out by bureaucrats at the start of each month.

3. People with over 1,000,000$ in their account during salary times will not be given a salary. Exceptions are Bearjedi and bureaucrats.

4. If you have a negative balance, you won't be able to buy anything until it gets positive again.

5. All new accounts start off with 100,000$, no exceptions.

6. If your user account does not have any activity for 3 months, your bank account will be deleted.

7. If your bank account does not have any transaction activity for 3 months, it will be labelled as inactive. It will not receive any salary.

8. If your account has been deleted, you can ask an admin to undelete it via talk page or chat, with a valid reason.


Name Salary
WinterMagnet Yes

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