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Health: ?

Speed: ?

Evade: ?

Damage: ?

Defence: ?

These state the capabilities of a given character.

The health stat is extremely important to include!

With the rest of the stats, for example, normal damage will mean it does just 100% of the attacks damage. A character with high attack will deal more than the ability would imply (unless the ability says otherwise).

High defence will make it take less damage from attacks and so forth.

These help in battles and to a lesser extent normal roleplays.


These aren't really needed, but they can be good for just additional information on the personality of the character.


This's obvious...


Just more additions to the overall personality.



These are possessions of the character. Armour, weapons, gemstones ect.

Attacks/Abilities (either name will do)

List all abilities the character can use. More detail is better.

Mentioning the damage, what it looks like, what it does, effects, accuraccy, drawbacks and so forth.


Any pictures of the characters can go here, for example it using one of the abilities or something it may like to do.


Things the character has done in battles.

This can include badges/medals/whatever from Armada Campaign (and other events of the like)


These are the attacks and other things that aren't so good to use against this. For battle perpouses


These are the attacks and other things that this struggles with. For battle perpouses


Just... Trivia.

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