Made By: Devon108

The Hot Potato Triplets are Hot Potatos that are triplets that all wear bows. All of them are different though

Parka Zombie

Parka Zombie invented the Parka. But no one else believes him. He doesn't listen to them though. He just continues to make his wonderful parkas. Hes made Red, Blue, Green, orange, Purple, Rainbow, Yellow, Pink, Brown, Every color of the rainbow, but still no one believes him that he made the Parka. Hes waiting for a chance to prove to them.
Parka Zombie1 (1)

Conehead Parka

Conehead Parka is actually from the present. One time he went to the Ice age and he lost his cone there but never noticed since it was on his hood. So when Zomboss had asked him to go to the ice age once again, he found it all frozen and once again being the idiot he is, he put it over his hood. I don't think this zombie will ever understand
Parka ConeHead1 (1)

Buckethead Parka

No. Buckethead Parka did not invent the bucket. But hes always wanted to. He says hes invented it but he lies. Hes not actually sure if he invented it but he confirms it because hes stupid like that. But he does confirm he invented the frozen bucket but no one believes him about that either. Maybe its him or the people he tell are stupid.
Parka Buckethead1 (1)

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