Peashotsia is a far away kingdom... far into another parallel universe, that is. It sits on the edge of Suburbia... Forest. Suburbia Forest.


It is a quaint, little village with a castle in the shape of a Peashooter looking up towering over the houses. Sir Pea and his well-known sons rule in it. The houses look like cottages, the greensmith is a brick building with a smelting machine, and the restaurant is just a fancy restaurant.


  • 15 random houses
  • Greensmith
  • Two Peaish Churches
  • Fancy Modern-Day Restaurant
  • Pea Inn Inn
  • Peashotsia Castle



  • You get to go there by climbing up an infinite staircase that leads into a portal. (Or with time traveling)
  • Another way to spell it is "Peshotsia"

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