The Pineapple Citadel is a monstrously large, immobile but very well armed Pineapple that exists to act as a strong defence system.

The primary weapon the Citadel has is a rapid-fire, omni-directional spike missile launcher that is easily capable of tearing things apart if they get in range.

The plating on the Citadel is immensely strong and it gives a good reason for this to be known as a living fortress.


Pineapple Citadel just looks like a VERY large pineapple with blue arcs of electricity slowly but passively jumping out between spikes.


Health: 7,000

Damage and Defence: Ludicrously high.

Evade and Speed: Miniscule


Morph Shot

Plants in general

Some Morphs





Pin Missile: Rapidly fires seeking, fast moving and explosive spikes.

Spiked Body (passive): Melee attacks typically involve the attacker getting hit by a sharp spike.

Portal: Citadel can open a portal below itself before spinning like a drill to pass through it to wherever. This is a slow process and isn't great for battle.

Giga Storm: This causes all of the spikes to be fired once in an "alpha strike". This can deal massive damage and is tough to avoid but leaves the Citadel vulnerable temporarily and this attack has a long cooldown (this also briefly disables Pin Missile).

Pillar Beam: This causes all of the leaves on top to point towards the top and the closer ones to the middle-top will form a spire. From above this spire a powerful heat-based beam can be fired. This does high damage with burn and high terrain damage.

Electro Pillar: This is the same as Pillar Beam however rather than firing a heat-based beam a surge of blue electricity is fired.

Unroot: Pineapple Citadel is capable of taking its roots out of the ground and using them to walk on. This greatly reduces the power and effectiveness of all other abilities however with the exception of Pillar Beam.




Pineapple Citadel can resist 75% of all damage delt.


Pineapple Citadel is only able to resist 45% of damage caused by fire.

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