Pistachio is a plant owned by SCI and Electric Plants.


Pistachio is a shy, young healer boy. Whenever he gets very nervous or has to think, he hides in his shell so he can focus. He isn't generally like other kids, however, he can show that he can be one. Although focused, he will stop anything that distracts him... cruelly.


  • Deserts
  • Sand
  • Drinking water
  • Hotels
  • Books
  • Cozy nights
  • Warm days



  • Small Radish, Understands Pistachio very well.
  • Coconut Sharpshooter, Same as SR.
  • Freesiabee, Same as CS.
  • Hazelnut Ball, Same as Freesiabee.


  • Ice Crystal Shooter, Pistachio stays away from him for many reasons, but trusts him.


  • Hurrikale, Pistachio thinks she is just a plant who wants to replace Blover.


  • Pistachio is a Christian.
  • Pistachio is a Flute player.
    • He receives lessons from Droplet Shooter occasionally.
  • He is not a part of the Young Democracy, however hangs out with them.

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