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Game Modes

  • All returning
  • Big Bomb (run to the bomb and disable it if you are plants. Zombies need to add it, if disabled, they lose)
  • Garden Defense (A bunch of classes are banned)



Repeater Abilities :

It's basic attack is to shoot two peas

Double Cannon : Shoots cannons instead, but needs to be refilled

Aqua Marine : Gets water imminunity.

Re-Re : Shoots two peas which both do twice the damage.

Repeater Variants :


Any potted plant goes as twice made.

Gatling Repeater

Shoots 8 peas

Burn Repeater

Shoots flaming peas, twice!

Freeze Repeater

Shoots two slowing peas, twice!


Disguises as a zombie, but damage them without noting!

Magnet-shroom Abilities :

It's basic attack is taking metal and using it to damage.

Thunder Bolt : Thunderizes every enemy on the screen, stunning them and greatly harming them.

Magnet Torpedo : Arms it's self with three metallic zombie equipment.

Magnet Bomb : Any zombie near a metal piece or wearing metal will die in a 9x9 blcok area

Magnet-shroom Variants :

Jupiter Magnet 

Range transforms into entire screen

Magic Magnet

Makes metallic equipment HIGHLY damaged instead of stolen, but takes infinite.

Napalm Magnet

Damages non-metal zombies using napalm instead of stealing objects.

Nuke Magnet

Any enemy who's metallic object is stolen DIES.

Starfruit Abilities :

It's basic ability is to shoot stars from 5 directions

Double : Shoots two stars a time

Extreme Breakdown : Builds a barrier of lava which protects it

Starfruit Variants :

Double Star : Like Double

Nova Star : Shoots powerful stars

North Star : Freezes zombies that are hit by stars

Fire Star : Burns zombies that are hit by stars

Puff-shroom Abilities :

Super Puff : Shoots spores which turn zombies into imps, but is temporary

Puff-shroom Variants :

Fire Puff : Flaming Puff-shroom

Ice Puff : Frozen Puff-shroom

Magic Puff : Fires giant spores from the 8 directions at random chance, but are short ranged.

Zombies are NOT playable

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