Population: One is an original RP by Scaredy-Shroom. Following the same premises as The Walking Browncoats, this RP uniqueness is because each end of Chapter contains how many plants are still alive, and list known alive persons, including characters who apparently died or gone missing. While the numbers very well stay on the thousands, they decrease as the story progresses.

To register, dont ask to! Just put your name on Season 1 RPers and put your character you want in! The status sytem was dropped, as every end of Chapter reveals who is alive and at the end of Season contain a generalized list, including people who died.

One thing to remember: Population: one is non-canonical, meaning if your character are dead, they only are dead in the RP and are still alive in the "canon" PvZRP.

Season 1 Chapters

Chapter 1: A New Time


(Information to be added...)

Season 1 RPers






  1. Doomius Shroomius
  2. Diamond


  1. Techno-Aura Chomper Alternate form.


  1. Mangle



If your character is bitten, he has 120 posts left to live. If someone chop the bitten area of the character before 10 posts, the character will be alive with dismember consequence.


-Dr. Zomboss isnt in the story.

-The zombies dont want brains in this RP, but they are vegs and want veggies, or plants. Note that friendly zombies are allowed!

-In the RP, unlike in the "canon" Flusion, has no magic, summoners or this kind of devices. No magic or unexplainable things.

-No OP characters. this mean if character like Winter Magnet want to enter, they must be nerfed to be as powerful as any plant.

-Sometimes, there will be places on the RP where the characters must do right choices. This affects if other characters will live, or your character.

-If you is a thieving person (like stealing supplies from a car) this will affect the number of people left in the population counter. This may also lead to block other RPers to enter, so be cautious, or the RP will end quickly. In the final Season, no other RPer will be allowed to enter, as the Population counter will be extremely low.

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