Potato City is a city full of Potato Mines. This city has different stuff than others.


  • The Potato Family
  • Dark Potato

Ask first before adding!


Spud Village

This is where Spudow lives. It is where the very first Spudhouse was created. A There are 1230 citizens in this village. It is one of the biggest towns in the PvZ Islands.

Potato Town

This is where plants go to when it is summer(only at Potato City).

Seas and Lakes


This lake has no name. It was called Forest Lake by Plant Forest citizens. Many Potao Mines fish in here.

Spud Sea

Spud Sea is the only sea seen here. It has a harbor beside it. It is where they get salt for their stuff.



A Spudhous is a normal house in this city. It is shaped as a Potato Mine. It is up to you for the color, doors and windows. Most Spudhouses have 2 windows.

Square Spudhouse

This kind of house is not shaped like a Potato Mine. It is square.


Coming Soon!


Mine Bomb

Mine Boms are like normal Potato Mines. They explode. Unlike the Potato Mine it has no eyes nor teeth. Its shape is circle when not planted.

Rules in Roleplays

  • This can be used in Roleplays without asking me.
  • No destroying of houses. Unless that house is youre plant's house that lives at the Potato City.
  • No one will kill any citizen.
  • No one will upgrade other plants' houses. Unless it is yours.
  • No one is allowed to put over 10 Mine Bombs in youre plant's house.
  • No one will go inside a plant's house without permission.
  • No using of Potato City citizens.
  • No changing of ranks.
  • No changing of the name of this city.
  • No one is allowed to make normal houses. Omly Spudhouses are allowed.
  • No one will use other vehicles(Example:Huntley) without permission.



  • It is the capital of PvZ Islands.

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