:Power Flower got electric by Power Cactus. We don't know how, but there is someone that said that a normal Sunflower got shoked and thought that Power Cactus was a male, so she fell in love with her, and then the Power Cactus turned the Sunflower into a Power Flower. She was planted at Bloom and Doom seed Co., but got addopted by me.


Power Cactus- After releasing, Power Flower said sorry, and then they used to play togheter.

All plants expect Sun-shroom, Future Cactus, and Repeater


Repeater- Bullyes every plant, but uses armor when bullying dangerous plants

Sun-shroom- Hates sun, and then is ugly with Sunflower.

Future Cactus- Cyberbullyes everyone.



"I'm powerfull!"

(To every el-plant) "Shall we play?"


Be on internet.

Play with El-plants.

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