Power Lily is a female plant that is a new student at Plantwood High and one of the main characters there. Even if she is new, she exhibits exceptional intelligence that is tied with Snow Pea, who she likes. She came to the United Gardens when her country, Japan, got into the Chinese Japan Wars. Overall, she is normally shy but also cheerful.

PVZIAT Powerlily


Best Friends

  • Sunflower  

Power Lily and Sunflower's friendship is like a sister to sister relationship. When they first met, they got off really well and PL, like Sunflower, has a sense of fashion. They do have their minor scuffles but they easily repair themselves quickly afterwards.

  • Sweet Pea

Originally, Sweet Pea and Power Lily stepped up incorrectly as SwP thought that Power Lily was a weakling when they first met. But when they were decked by a squad of bullies, Sweet Pea was surprised when PL overtook Repeater and they grown as friends

  • Snow Pea

Their friendship is a bit one sided as PL has a crush on him and is prone to blushing at times but if they have so many common things with each other. They are the one of the smartest plants so far in school and both can invent but PL is lesser of the two making successful stuff. But they get on good terms with each other. It is a common gag when many other plants (and sometimes zombies) to ship the two, which often embarrasses her.


  • Beeshooter

Beeshooter and Power Lily aren't the best of friends due to the former's seriousness and stoicness and the latter's cheery and shy apitude. But they love video games and often seen playing Multiplayer on many games, like The Legend of Zinnia, Fire Embress and other games.

Series Appearances

Plantwood High Series


(Not Done Yet. PW High only edits)


Power Lily is a great swimmer as she is 50 percent aquatic (Lilies are water plants) and is pretty fast underwater.

Power Lily was revealed to have a regeneration ability thanks to her Plant Food ability. Using it she can heal and revive sick plants with ease, as Starfruit when he got sick. To prevent this from being OP, Power Lily{s energy is drained drastically and she falls asleep after wards for a long period of time when regenerating.


Both Snow Pea and her tie for the smartest plant as in grades in school. But there are some points in which she is smarter than him.


Power Lily is fluent in many different languages but Snow Pea apparantly only knows English, British styled and some poor Spanish.


Power Lily can make inventions like Snow Pea but her's are less complex and SP's have better results.

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