Crazy Dave plants 4 Snapdragons in the Far Future as he goes on vacation for 14 days to the Dark Ages. The plants don't know if Dave will come back or not, but they have a plethera of zombies on their tail. For 100 years, the plants were killing zombies and there was no sign of Crazy Dave, the Snapdragons were now endangered. Walnut, Peashooter, Snow-Pea and Sunflower protect the Snapdragons, and 10 years later they win the fight. Once the celebration starts, Dr. Zomboss steps in with the Tomorrow Tron, and now it comes to the present.


Crazy Dave [Unusable]

Penny [Unusable]

Dr. Zomboss [NPC played by Puffy Shroom]

Snapdragon (Steve) [IdemSplix is this character]

Snapdragon (Tiru) [ PuffyShroom is this character]

Winter Magnet [WinterMagnet is this character]

Snapdragon [DragonFruit21 is this character]

Snapdragon (Xsed) [Rasengan553 is this character]

Snow-pea [PvzFanatic is this character]

No more slots...

(Highlight over the names, there are links #WinterMagnetn - PuffyShroom (talk) 21:21, May 9, 2014 (UTC))



Have Fun!


Every 75 zombie kills you get a gold coin.

Every 25 zombie kills you get a silver coin.

Every 100 zombie kills you get one Plant Food.

Zomboss Rules

Say what Zombies you summon. Remember, your in the Tomorrow Tron, so Far Future Zombies only.

You have 10,000 health. Alot, I know.

You can do a charge attack every 150 zombies summoned.

You can only summon 10 zombies at a time.

Only 2 Gargantuars, not at the start though.

Damage Counts (Plants)

Snapdragons - 20 Damage

Snow Pea - 15 Damage and Slowed Down

Winter Melon - 75 Damage and Slowed Down

Other Things

When Slowed Down, you do actions much slower so plants can counter attack.

When Zomboss charges, if a plant uses plant food, they can reflect the attack.

Rna was removed because I felt we had to little of a plethora of plants, if that makes any sense.

Please don't be mean, also a special character will be used when a character is down, maybe a mime, I don't know. Not the right time...


It doesn't matter if you die in this RPG, because you can be another plant, ask Puffy Shroom first. Snapdragons stay as snapdragons

Health for Plants

Snapdragons - 1,000

Winter Melon - 1,000

Snow Pea - 500

Zombie Summoning

When summoning a zombie, remember that they do 1 damage a bite.


You can talk as a plant to say things like, I'll help you out, or shoot a pea I'm losing here! Remember, creativity makes it more fun

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