Purple Onion is a character owned by SCI.


Purple Onion is an outcast but is friendly to people. Even though he's nice, he's mainly a loner. He talks quite often, surprisingly. Purple Onion is usually the first person to an event, and brings items with him all the time. People don't mind, because he's very nice to them.


  • Silence
  • Soda
  • Sunsets
  • Beaches
  • Warmth
  • Shoes



  • Bamboo Drill, Purple Onion likes helping Bamboo Drill with his construction work.
  • Kiwi, Purple Onion takes shooting lessons from Kiwi.
  • Dekopon, Dekopon is Purple Onion's best friend.

Neutral: None. Enemies: None.


  • Purple Onion is 15.
  • He works as a reporter in Channel 30 PvZRP Now News.

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