When a teammate is vanquished, play the first movement of this:

Play this when you have low health in a battle:

Fish fake

Oh no! They ate your brains!


Hooray! The zombies have stopped attacking (or so you think)! After everyone celebrates, 6 plants (me being Snow Pea) and Crazy Dave go on a walk. But then, the zombies come back! Now the plants and Dave fight zombies in an RPG style!


-PvzFanatic: Creator of this page and Snow Pea

-Dragonfruit21: Snapdragon

-Rasengan553: WaterFruit


-IdemSplix: Frozen-star (a PvZCC of his)

-Klump! Presentations: Fruitpunch (a Bonk Choy for whatever reason...)

All slots taken!


Plantables are plants you can use in battle! If one lives through a battle, you can use it for free in your next battle! They cost sun, though.

Sunflower-50 sun: doubles the amount of sun you collect when defeating the zombie in the current battle


Sunflower doubles the sun you collect at the end of a battle!

Heavenly Peach-125 sun

Heavenly Peach!

Heavenly Peach heals you in battle!

Peashooter-100 sun

PVZIAT Peashooter

Peashooter shoots peas at your opponent in battle!

Repeater-200 sun


Repeater shoots 2 peas at your opponent in battle!

Threepeater-300 sun

PVZIAT Threepeater

Threepeater shoots 3 peas at your opponent in battle!

Gatling Pea-400 sun

Gatling Pea

Gatling Pea shoots 4 peas at your opponent in battle!

Habanero (PvzFanatic's PvZCC): 175 sun


Habaneros do afterburn to zombies!

Spikeweed-100 sun


When an enemy uses a melee attack when you have planted a Spikeweed, they will be damaged!

Wall-nut-50 sun


Wall-nut can shield you and other plantables!

Tall-nut-125 sun


Tall-nuts are like Wall-nuts, but stronger!

Cherry Bomb-150 sun

Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bombs do massive damage to enemies!

Doom-shroom-125 sun


Doom-shrooms do EXTREME damage to your opponent! It can even kill an enemy in one hit!

Gravebuster-75 sun


Gravebusters are essential when zombies use gravestones!

Zombie Sendables

Sometimes, zombies will send things like gravestones.

Gravestone-spawns imps and is easily taken down by Gravebuster in one hit


Gravestones spawn in imps!

Wooden plated gravestone-spawns imps and takes 2 gravebusters to vanquish

Wooden-plated gravestone

Wooden-plated gravestones are twice as strong as a normal gravestone!

Metal plated gravestone-spawns imps and takes 3 gravebusters to vanquish

Metal-plated Gravestone

Metal-plated gravestones are 3 times as strong as gravestones!

Imp-a weak but fast zombie


Imps are weak but fast zombies!

Trash can imp-a stronger imp

Trash can imp

Trash can imps are stronger imps!

Quest and Battle #1

The plants and Dave run frantically. Snow Pea and Carp run into a Cone-head zombie, Waterfruit runs into a newspaper zombie, Dave and Snapdragon run into a Bucket-head zombie, and Frozen-star runs into another Newspaper zombie. Fruitpunch comes across a poncho zombie.

What do you do? Tell me in the comments!

Frozen-star destroys the Newspaper zombie's newspaper, making the zombie mad. He uses "Punch" and deals 10 damage. Frozen-star now has 90 health.


Frozen-star gets mad upon being hit, and uses "North Punch" The zombie lose 50 health and is stunned.

Carp uses "Fin Slap" on the Conehead. It bites him, but to no prevail. Snow pea finishes off the zombie by freezing it completely, then shattering it. The duo earns 50 sun and a plant food each.

Waterfruit uses tackle on the newspaper zombie. It loses it's newspaper and loses 20 health. The zombie becomes enraged and uses "Punch" to deal 10 damage. Water fruit now has 90 health.


Upon being hit, Waterfruit gets angry and shoots 4 water stars at the zombie. The zombie is stunned and loses 40 health. FINISH HIM!

Snapdragon uses "Fire-ball" and it does 150 damage! The Bucket-head zombie loses it's bucket and it uses "Punch" dealing 10 damage. Snapdragon has 90 health now.


Snapdragon tries to finish off the zombie with fire breath. The zombie loses it arm and head, effectively being defeated. Snapdragon gained 100 sun and a plant food.

After Battle and Quest #1

Dave and Snapdragon cautiously walk around the streets looking for the others. They come upon a screen door zombie that does not notice them. Do they run or fight?


Snapdragon sneakily comes up behind the zombie and uses "Bite" (much like Chomper would do) to remove it's head! Snapdragon receives 50 sun.

Snow Pea and Carp come across a flower pot. Near it is a bucket head zombie. Snow Pea wants to possibly plant a Spikeweed. What do they do?

Carp slaps the bucket off.

The bucket head, noticing the bucket has been slapped off, comes to fight Snow Pea and Carp.

Snow Pea uses a plant food to take down the zombie. The duo earns 25 sun.

Quest and Battle #2