The RP Monitor is the most important character in the wiki. It is run FAR from Flusion, and it's located deep in the core of a supermassive black hole in another galaxy, making it impossible to reach. It can do anything, and it deals any amount of damage and is everything-imminue. However, he does not respond or do anything, he is just idle in his place. He can instantly-kill anyone for specific moves, including:

  • Metagaming Cases
  • Powergaming Cases (Saying that something was a dream, saying that you destroyed something else when you destroyed something specific [example], and forcing actions upon others or making a new character for revenge-kills)
  • Deathmatching (Killing for no good reason)
  • Level-10 Crimes (Over 500k$ robberies, presidental building robberies, assaulting important areas, making a massacre. Although, thankfully, it's very easy to avoid the missile shot from this one)
  • Economy Breaking (Ruining Economy System - exceptional robbery)

However, it has it's own extra-cases.

It can arrest others, too.

  • Destroying non-battle cars (Obviously.)
  • Cheating in Gambling
  • Killing Innocents (including in riots)

However, if you are fast at typing and type between the messages of the RP Monitor, you will avoid the damage/arrest/murder.

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