Rainbow Star is a plant owned by TMS. It is originally in PvZCC.
Hd Rainbow

Pic by Ziad Wahba


Him vs. Zombies

It is very powerful at zombies and has different colors of stars that affect it's attack. He mostly panics when there are zombies near. But he doesn't hurt Leprechaun Imp because he is his neighbor. Leprechaun Imp doesn't hurt him as well.

Him vs. Plants

It doesn't attack plants very much. It likes to help them. But if plants will bully or hurt him, he'll go on a rampage.


Rainbow Maker

He doesn't mostly use this, but if he sees the sun and rain, he does this. Also when his house is broken.


He doesn't need a palette, since he has the colors himself.

Friend Maker

He always makes lots of friends, and mostly don't hurt them.


He is very friendly but also dangerous when he gets angry. He lives on a rainbow and camoflauges there so we don't see him. But when there is a triple rainbow, he'll jump on top of the three rainbows. Mostly, they fall down on jumping.


Leprechaun Imp- He is his neighbor and Rainbow Star doesn't hurt him because he is kind.

Starfruit- He is friends with him because they mostly get to see on the sky and trees. And he is the same kind as him (a starfruit).


Still no one, but if plants will hurt him, he'll be too angry.


"Let it shine!"

"Why does sun and rain keep on arguing?"