The Rattling Terror is a massive tank with high powered machineguns capable of tearing victims apart.

A vehicle created by plants to lead assaults in order to take over yards.

It's encountered in the Armada Campaign.

It holds a pair of high powered quad heavy machineguns on each side. These can unleash waves of powerful projectiles.

It also has a 35 pound gun on the front for devestating and high powered hits, these can knock through fortifications with ease.

The turret is capable of fully rotating at quite a good speed.


Speed: Slow.

Health: 2700.

Damage resist: 10%


  • Rattler: A onslaught of the 16 machineguns, each fires 5 bullets capable of 1-2 damage each. Not the best of accuraccy.
  • Thumper: A huge 35 pound shell that can do up to 100 damage with large splash and armour piercing!
  • Thicker plating (passive): Attacks from the front get treated as though the damage resist was 20%.
  • Thinner plating: Attacks from the back get treated as though the damage resist was 5%.

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