Returner is owned by E1313T. Returner is a peashooter plant which has the ability to return projectiles, specifically from zombies. He can still return projectiles from plants, but they do half of the normal damage.

Returner2-Returner with bells
This is him.








1500 HP


Depends on projectile and target


Shoot: basic shooting, uses Peas, any Liquids Base Pea, or Plasmic Peas.
Return: Returns a projectile.
Cashout: Returns a projectile, which drops a diamond and a gem on impact.


Returner is a very mysterious pea.

Wait, maybe not:

I learned everything I know from my dear friend, Jester. I trained hard for 13 decades, one month and a fortnight before I could even return projectiles. It took another 13 weeks to get my returns to move straight, and another week to make them not fall. The grabbing while spinning while attempting to not fall over-*giggles*-that's the hard part, as you must be able to grab flying objects from any point in your spin.

It took Perseverance to make them drop Carbon, as it absolutely requires you use your own, so I have to photosynthesize heavily, or one return and I die. It was even harder to form the carbon into Diamond, let alone pure diamond.

Short answer? No, I won't teach you my abilities!
Returner when asked about teaching his abilities.


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