She got adopted by me.

She shoots lasers and produce sun. She has also more health.


She wants to be quicker, but she can't. She got made in China, but moved to Bloom&Doom seed Co in Hong Kong. Then she went to Bloom&Doom seed Co. at Seattle. Then, she learned by Laser flower how too shoot lasers, and by Sunflower, how to produce sun.


The whole Sunflower family of course.

All other without those on the enemy list.

Metal Petal- Best friend.


Sun-shroom- Hates sun and Sun-producing plants (Without her self)

Zombies- Y'know why.


"Why am I so slow? At least I have lots of health..."

"Take that!"

"Yay, the SUN is back!!"


Same as Metal Petal, but also shoot lasers in different colors.

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